Unicode to KF Fonts offline conversion Utility v1.2
Unicode to KF Fonts offline conversion Utility v1.2
Unicode to KF Fonts offline conversion Utility v1.2

Unicode to KF Fonts offline conversion Utility v1.2

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Note: MHT File Opens with Internet Explorer version 8 Onwards. For any questions before download feel free to contact Mr. Kiran Bhave on +919322324698

Convert any devnagari Unicode text on any site such as facebook or any new hindi / marathi site into your familiar Kiran fonts.

How do you know you have Unicode text?

The text is generally in a font named Mangal. It appears like a system text. Text which is seen in devnagari and on internet sites is mostly Unicode based.

In some applications where Unicode is not supported, it is shown as ?? ???????, in some as Boxes and in some as blanks. Mostly in all these applications KF-Kiran will work good.

Why convert Unicode text into KF-Kiran font format?

Unicode is better only for internet and email but for print and creative work, you need fonts that WORK in those applications KF-Kiran font family provides 10+ different and beautiful styles of fonts that are available at nominal cost to use.

Unlike Unicode, KF-Kiran fonts are based on an ASCII system which is available on any basic computing device and therefore works well. KF-Kiran works on any Windows application having font formatting and does not require any special software to edit the Devanagari text. It works well in MS Paint, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Word, etc. For the conversion, you do not require the internet connection.

Just pay a small price to cover my development and payment gateway cost and you'll get complete freedom :

  1. No Internet connection needed - yes, you can now able to convert instantly with no internet connection required once you download this tool in your PC
  2. No character limit for conversion (Subject to your PC configuration) - online convertor at has a limit of 1000 characters to minimize server load
  3. No Delay - Since the code will be run on your PC, you'll get faster results
  4. No Limits - You can run and use it any number of times as you wish. There are no limits or hidden terms
  5. Not Evaluation or Demo - It is not a demo but full functional software with no catch

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