KF Kiran fonts to Unicode Offline Converter v1.11
KF Kiran fonts to Unicode Offline Converter v1.11
KF Kiran fonts to Unicode Offline Converter v1.11

KF Kiran fonts to Unicode Offline Converter v1.11

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Note: MHT File Opens with Internet Explorer version 8 Onwards. For any questions before download feel free to contact Mr. Kiran Bhave on Whatsapp +919322324698

Convert any KF family text into Devanagari Unicode text to be able to paste on any site such as Facebook or any new Hindi / Marathi site.

Why convert KF-Kiran into Unicode format?

You are familiar with KF Keyboard but want to type on Facebook, you can type in KF Font and with this simple offline utility, you can convert it into Unicode that can be copy-pasted into Facebook/google.

As you are using KF fonts for all the artistic and DTP work on your computer due to its simplicity, when you want to share it on the internet, you can convert it into Unicode using this converter.

This along with the Unicode to KF converter makes a complete system so that you can continue to use KF fonts on your computer and convert them to Unicode whenever you need to publish on the internet.

Just pay a small price to cover the development and payment gateway cost and you'll get total freedom:

  1. No Internet connection needed - yes, you can now able to convert instantly with no internet connection required once you download this tool in your PC
  2. No Character limit for conversion (Subject to your PC configuration) - online converter at has a limit of 1000 characters to minimize server load
  3. No Server Delays - faster conversion - Since the code will be run on your PC, you'll get faster results
  4. No Upper Limits - You can run and use it any number of times as you wish. There are no limits or hidden terms
  5. Full functional product, not a demo - It is not a demo but fully functional software with no catch
  6. Technical support - Should you face any technical issues using the product, you can write to me for support and full support will be extended to you.
  7. Conversion accuracy: You are entitled to the latest version when you download the paid version with maximum accuracy. The current accuracy of conversion stands over 99%. The remaining 1% may not be guaranteed due to differences in the technologies. However, if you report any inaccuracies, they may be taken up in future versions.

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